Awards Are Good For Business
2nd July 2019
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At the heart of what we do at thebestof Bolton is promoting local independent businesses, providing them with platforms to shout about their business and helping them to get found and get noticed by locals wanting their products and services.

One thing we’re particular about, is making sure the good things their customers say about them are shouted loud and clear, letting as many people know about it as possible because another thing we know is that most Bolton business owners are shy when it comes to singing their praises!

So, something we encourage at every opportunity is asking their customers and colleagues what they think of the products and services they receive and using that feedback to make sure standards are kept up and credit is given where credit is due!

Awards are a great way to gain recognition for a job well done and a huge motivator for staff, who all too often think their efforts go unnoticed, although we know that every business owner knows they wouldn’t be able to achieve the things they do without their fantastic staff!

And that’s why we hold our annual ‘Business of the Year’ Awards recognising those businesses that regularly get positive reviews from their satisfied customers and then use all the means at our disposal to shout from the rooftops how good those businesses are!

One of our winners this year, Fish Motors, won not only one but three awards. 

  • Voted 7th in the UK for Business of the Year.

  • Business of the year in Bolton.

  • Winner in the used car dealership category.

Fish Motors is just one of our many members who have won some exceptional awards this year. 

Another benefit of both entering and winning awards is the huge PR around the events. They attract interest from local newspapers, radio stations and social media alike, all talking about the businesses involved. Not to mention the entrants who all see the great things going on in your business, remember it and often talk about it to others or be encouraged to use your services themselves.

We sponsored the ‘Employee of the Year’ category  in the recent Inspire Women's Awards in Bolton and were delighted that 2 of our members were recognised with one being Highly Commended and another winning her category.

We love to be involved as it really demonstrates the value we place on awards and the benefit it brings to everyone involved.

Over the years of being involved with local business awards, we’ve seen first hand the many different ways, businesses benefit from awards, both from the internal motivation and morale of employees leading to increased productivity and the direct impact the increased visibility and media exposure has on the turnover and profitability of businesses taking part.

So all in all, we stick to the mantra that ‘Awards Are Good For Business!’ and if you want your business to be in with a chance of scooping an award in thebestof bolton Business Of The Year awards 2020, contact us by email at or get in touch through the website at

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