Authorized Access Take Ethical Stance After Businesses Suffer Riot Damage
18th August 2011
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Authorized Access Take Ethical Stance After Businesses Suffer Riot Damage


In the recent riots that swept the country, London, Birmingham and Manchester fared worse than most, leaving business owners struggling to cope with the aftermath and in some cases unable even to continue trading.

Immediately after the first nights of carnage, businesses struggled to take effective measures to protect themselves, their premises and stock from what might still be to come. Panic set in in some cases, causing irrational thoughts and actions to be taken. Security was beefed up by way of barricades, boarded windows and additional locks on doors. 

Not only were the looters and rioters becoming opportunists but some unscrupulous companies may also have been taking advantage of the opportunities presented to them by way of providing additional security to worried business owners.

Not so Bury Security Company Authorized Access who were contacted by a maintenance company acting on behalf of a large national chain store which had suffered badly in the early stages of the riots in Manchester. Broken windows, looting and fire damage were some of the incidents they were faced with protecting against.

Authorized Access were asked to provide replacement locks for doors and it seemed that expense was no issue, they just wanted the best!

After asking a few questions to establish what locks were already fitted and how the premises had been entered the night before, it quickly became clear that the locks already fitted were the best available for their doors and any replacements would only have been made for the sake of having new locks, not to improve the security.

Suggestions were made with regards to the window security but Authorized Access were told that another specialist window company had already undertaken work to repair, secure and then cover the windows before the end of that day.

The enquirer thanked Lee, the manager at Authorized Access for his advice and both went about their work.

Less than half an hour after the phone call ended, Lee received another call, this time from a Director of the company that had called earlier, who wished to express his thanks for the honesty and integrity in the advice he had given, stating that it would have been very easy to have taken advantage of the situation and other companies contacted had been less generous and had quoted exorbitant prices to carry out emergency lock replacements the same day.

He stated that an employee had been tasked with getting quotes from a number of companies for the work to be carried out but Lee’s advice had saved them spending unnecessary money at a time when common sense decisions were being replaced by knee jerk reactions.

Well done to Authorized Access security Centre in Bury, A Master Locksmiths Association Approved Company, a voice of reason at a time of confusion and nervousness.

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