Authorized Access Locksmiths Supply Keys For Your Office Drawers and Cupboards
30th November 2011
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Ever been in that annoying situation when you have a perfectly functional lockable desk drawer or cabinet at home or work and you don't have any keys? It would be great to be able to lock things away, even if it's only so your pens don't keep disappearing! Well the solution is probably easier that you think.

If you're at work and you have a lockable desk drawer, filing cabinet or locker that you don't have a key for, check on the front of the lock above or below the key hole. The majority of these locks have a number stamped on the front of the barrel. That number will identify the code of the key which operates the lock.  Contact Authorized Access and they can supply you two new keys for £12 including VAT and they'll even send it to you if you like for a small additional postage charge!

In some cases, a 'cheaper' lock may have been installed and doesn't have a number stamped on it. There are a number of ways they can tackle this for you:

1.For £60 + the cost of the lock + VAT they will call out to your home or office and replace the lock in question or remove it and take it back to their workshop and make you 2 new keys and reinstall once complete.

2.For £30 + VAT you can remove the lock yourself and drop it in to their shop where they will create two new keys or simply purchase a new lock and the cost is likely to be even less!

Whatever is the best solution for you, it certainly will be much cheaper than buying a new unit and will return your drawers or cabinet to full working order.

If you are an office manager and have a number of lockers, cabinets or drawers without keys contact Authorized Access and they will advise you of your best and most cost effective course of action. It really is quite simple and they will take all the hassle out of the process for you. 

Authorized Access Ltd is a Master Locksmiths Approved company.


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