At A Time Of Bereavement In Bolton A Good Funeral Director Can Ease The Pain
1st June 2012
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Times of bereavement can be among the loneliest and most painful anyone ever has to suffer. There are so many things to do and arrange, and all at a time when you least feel like doing anything at all.

In England death should be registered within 5 days and is usually done at the local Registry Office by a relative, someone present at the death, an official from the hospital or the person making the arrangements for the funeral.

There is a range of information required to register the death, in particular the Medical certificate or cause of death, signed by a doctor and if available Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, NHS Medical card and as much information about the deceased as possible.

Following the registration of death, a certificate of burial or cremation will be issued, this is known as the Green Card along with a certificate of registration of death (form BD8) which will be required to arrange the funeral and sort out the deceased's affairs.

During this very difficult time a Funeral Director such as Bromley's Independent Funeral Services of Tonge Moor, Bolton can be invaluable in assisting you with many of the practical issues like dealing with Clergy and making arrangements for the funeral, the type of service, where and when it should take place and where the body should rest before the funeral.

Arrangements should be made to visit the deceased's solicitor to read the will as soon as possible as this may contain any special requests with regards to the funeral arrangements. Both Funeral Director and Solicitor are invaluable sources of help and information at this time and you should take every opportunity to seek their advice. 

In particular Funeral Directors are usually experienced in organising a range of funeral styles across all religions and are able to advise on issues such as flowers, coffins or caskets and many other relevant issues.

Of course all this is much easier for bereaved families or friends to sort out if a will has been made and personal preferences stated.

It's never too late to make a will but you may be surprised to learn that only a third of people who ought to have a will, actually do. So many people seem to believe they don't need a will but this only leads to more upset, disappointment and cost to families left behind. So make it a priority to visit a solicitor like AFG Law, or Fieldings Porter, two of Bolton's best known solicitors to make your will as soon as possible.

Six Reasons To Make A Will:-

'¢To be sure that all your valued possessions end up with the people you wish to have them.

'¢Your estate will probably be worth more than you think and without a will your family could lose out.

'¢If you die without making a will all your possessions and money will be divided out by law rather than the way you wished.

'¢Not leaving a will may cause extra stress and upset for your family at a time when they least need it.

'¢To ensure the welfare of your children.

'¢To Limit the Tax liability

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