Aspiration Blinds, Bolton, Committed To Promoting Blind Cord Safety
25th February 2013
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Aspiration Blinds recognise that child safety is an important issue for anyone when furnishing their home. This is why the Bolton-based business has taken its responsibility one step further by becoming an active member of the 'Make It Safe' campaign, in association with the British Blinds and Shutter Association.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, in recent years, there has been a number of accidents and fatalities as a result of window blind cords involving young children and babies.

This is why Aspiration Blinds have decided to hit the subject head on. A lot of what they propose is common sense. It's logical that the wrong blind in the wrong place masks potential danger. But simple, low-cost procedures can make all the difference.

All parents want to ensure their children are safe, no matter where they may be. It could be in their own bedroom, in your own home, at a relative or friend's house, or anywhere else. Free-hanging blind cords present a hazard wherever they are.

Aspiration Blinds of Bolton is committed to raising awareness of this issue and can offer child-safe blinds from their excellent product range. And, completely free of charge, they will install child-safety devices which help minimise the potential risk.

They also have a positive focus on advice, providing the following tips when having blinds fitted in an environment where children are present:

- Position furniture a safe distance away from blinds and windows to prevent children from being able to reach them.

- Do not allow control cords or chains to hang close to cots or beds, or to gather on the floor.

- Do not allow control cords or chains to hang free. They should always be secured out of reach, or a cordless control should be used.

To highlight Aspiration Blinds' commitment to the 'Make It Safe' campaign, they are offering free child-safety cleats on all their blinds through to the end of March.

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