Ask The Expert: Kerala Ayurveda Centre: What are the benefits of an Indian head massage?
19th February 2014
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An Indian head massage is an incredibly relaxing treatment. The Kerala Ayurveda team explains the benefits of it and what it involves.

An ayurvedic massage is often part of a medical routine, designed to help rejuvenate the body. It purifies it and gives much needed nourishment to body tissues. A massage keeps the nervous system healthy and is incredibly beneficial for the body. The treatment is performed by trained doctors who are experts in their profession so you’re in safe hands.

You’ll sit or lie on a comfy chair and your therapist will perform the treatment over a period of time.

Having a head massage can help you get rid of headaches, insomnia and neck pain and even high blood pressure and memory loss. It often instantly relieves pain and tension in the head, neck and body. It’s usually recommended to have regular Indian massages, especially if you’re experiencing a particularly tricky medical problem. If you have an Indian head massage frequently, it can improve your immune system and help people with sinusitis. Muscles become relaxed and there’s increased circulation to the lymphatic system. That’s because the kneading movement on the head opens up blood vessels and helps absorption.

The Indian head massage doesn’t always involve oil. If it does, the oil is slowly rubbed into the scalp. If it doesn’t, the therapist will slowly tap your head with their fingers, thus improving your circulation and hopefully help people suffering with premature grey hair or baldness.

If you are using oil, the therapist will slowly cooked with ayurvedic medicines and hen drained so they can be used. The texture and type of oil is changed depending on your hair and body type. People with thin, dry hair for example are best with almond or sesame oil.

Lavender or grape seed oil is used by doctors to restore hair loss and keep hair growing. All oils though are good for the head and decrease stiffness.

Getting a restful night’s sleep after your treatment helps with the effectiveness of it too

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