Ask the Dentist: Synergy Dental: Is it safe to have dental treatment abroad?
4th March 2014
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More and more people are choosing to have dental treatment abroad. But as Synergy Dental explain, there are numerous things you need to consider before you see a dentist in a foreign climate.

Prices for dental treatment abroad are often less expensive than UK prices, but Synergy’s patients have told them that you need to do some research first.

  • Find out if your dentist can speak your language. Will you be able to communicate with them properly and understand what to expect before, after and during your treatment?
  • What qualifications does the dentist have? Any dentist practicing in the UK needs to register with the General Dental Council to ensure they’re following the correct guidelines. You can check if your foreign dentist is registered by going on the GDC website. Not every country has a governing body though.
  • Is the practice safe and hygienic? Dentists should always sterilise all their equipment and instruments because diseases and viruses can be passed on through saliva in the equipment and instruments. Dentists in the UK follow a set strict of rules on sterilisation and cross infection, but surgeries abroad may not, so check first.
  • Most cosmetic dental treatments need to be monitored afterwards. If you need long term care and check-ups are you able to get to the clinic, so issues can be spotted earlier before they cause you any problems.

Remember Synergy Dental are a fully accredited, safe, professional and reliable dental practice. Call them on 01204 684037 to make your appointment for veneers, implants, teeth whitening and much more. 

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