Ask The Dentist:Synergy Dental: How can I cure my phobia of the dentist?
25th February 2014
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Every month Synergy Dental are going to be answering your dental dilemmas. This week they’re answering “How do I cure my phobia of the dentist?”

If you are frightened of the dentist then you're not alone. Women are 50% more likely to have a phobia of the dentist than men. There are ways you can manage this fear and make you feel less nervous so visit Synergy before your appointment to talk through your treatment and meet your dentist to help you feel more in control of the situation.

Some people have found that listening to music whilst you’re at the dentist can help to make you feel calmer. Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques will help ease any tension you’re feeling.

Other more expensive options are having a course of hypnotherapy sessions and intravenous sedation. An intravenous session relaxes you but you’re still fully awake throughout the whole treatment. You’ll need to be accompanied by someone if you choose this option.

Whether you’re a nervous patient or not, call Synergy Dental on 01204 684037 to make your appointment. We can assure you that they’ll make you feel as calm and chilled as possible. 

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