Are you taking part in Tree Dressing Day 2013?
3rd December 2013
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Trees are all around us, but because they’re so common place we barely even notice them. But Tree Dressing Day aims to change all that.

Trees are cut down without a moments thought, but they provide us with essential oxygen, are habitats for wildlife and are the subject of many books and poems because of their great splendour.

If you have a tree in your garden you need to look after it properly and it’s watered regularly. Bespoke Landscapes can do that for you if you've not got the time. 

Between the 7th and 8th December the tree dressing festival will take place across the globe. Many people will be taking part in ancient traditions, telling stories around a tree trunk as well as the most important bit of all, decorating a tree with ribbons, lanterns and shapes.

If you need the expertise of a landscape gardener to take care of your trees, then call in the experts at Bespoke Landscapes. 

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