Apprenticeships Are Back! A Great Way To Recruit And Train Staff
19th August 2011
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Apprenticeships were once a highly sought after route to employment, offering great status to those 'time served' employees.

In more recent times a more academic route through further education became the accepted norm but now Apprenticeships are back!

Matching skills, jobs and employers is not only the key to achieving growth in any business sector but also any economic area. To this end Business Bolton are backing the Governments drive to provide effective, high quality apprenticeship opportunities which combine practical learning on the job with the ability to gain technical skills required for the chosen area of work.

To become an apprentice requires drive and enthusiasm and candidates must be over 16 years of age, not in full time education and live in England.

There are no set qualifications required to apply for an apprenticeship as each job is different and funds are made available directly from the Government to organisations delivering training, therefore for businesses wishing to take on an apprentice between the age of 16 and 18 there is no direct cost.

The Facts:


  • There are more than 190 apprenticeships across 80 sectors.
  • Average time taken to complete apprenticeships
Intermediate level 1 Year
Advanced level 2 Years
Higher Apprenticeship 3-4 Years
  • Aged younger than 19 or in the 1st year of apprenticeship, salary £2.50 per hour, otherwise the minimum wage may be paid, although the average wage paid to an apprentice is £170 per week.
  • Apprenticeships are recognised as a route to Higher Education.
  • 57% of employers report that a higher proportion of apprentices move into management positions later in their career.
  • Apprentices can earn £100,000 more over their working career than other employees.
If you are a business looking to develop your workforce through apprenticeship schemes, contact

If you are looking for an apprenticeship opportunity yourself, contact the NAS national number 08000 150 600



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