Apprenticeship Drop-in Day at Alliance Learning.
23rd May 2019
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At The Hurst Building, Chorley New Road, Horwich Loco Estate, Bolton BL6 5EU August 1st is the 2019 Drop in Day for people who would like to find out about undertaking an Apprenticeship.

There are over 50 current Apprenticeship vacancies, Apprenticeships are a valuable resource that can help people to secure a job and a good living in a variety of Employment sectors including:

Business Administration – every business needs administrators,

Customer Service,

Leadership and Management,


Mechanical Engineering,

Fabrication and Welding,

Electrical Engineering,

Engineering Tactical Support,

Performing Manufacturing Operations,

Your preference not on this list, head for the Drop-in Day and ask the team, they will do their best to advise you.

Alliance Learning is one of the largest and most successful independent Apprenticeship Training providers in the North West with well over 50 years of experience of the Training Industry. The Company trains approximately 600 Apprentices each year and around 6000 people in a variety of highly useful skills.

All candidates are welcomed as Alliance Training employs a dedicated Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

The Alliance Learning Drop in Day is an open event allowing people who want to find out about an Apprenticeship to call in without an appointment.

Regardless of whether you are a young person or an employer looking for new staff to recruit you will receive a warm welcome, the open evening is just the job. Visit have a look around the Training facilities and chat with the staff who will be there to answer any questions, and advise you about booking your place.

Potential candidates considering an Apprenticeship will have many questions to ask:

What about my future career prospects?

Will I have access to better opportunities when I have completed my Apprenticeship?

Will I learn real skills that will make me employable?

Will I enjoy my learning experience?  

How much support will I receive from Alliance Learning?

Questions that the Alliance Learning team will be happy to answer in person.

It is important to look at the skills and qualifications required, if you feel you have skills and commitment then you should apply. Not sure? The Drop-in Day is just made for you, Drop-in and find out from the Alliance Learning team on August 1st.

Got the qualifications but not the skills?  No worries, the Alliance Learning team are there to give free advice, guidance, and help you develop them. Apprenticeships are a sound way to learn about work and the workplace, the whole point of an Apprenticeship is to learn, it will be hard work but well worth the effort!

Don’t follow the crowd, it is important to select the Apprenticeship that is right for you with opportunities for your quality of life and your future prospects.

The Drop-in Day with Alliance Learning on 1st August is highly recommended by The Best of Bolton,

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