Apple Video Live Internet TV Broadcast Now On Vimeo
1st September 2011
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Apple Video have a fantastic new product. Live Internet TV Boradcasting and would like to share a recent live broadcast they did with you.


A live internet TV broadcast filmed on Wednesday the 3rd of August 2011.

The program was streamed live over the web, using real time editing and graphics, along with the audience being able to communicate to the studio using a built-in instant messaging box.

Take a look at this new way of reaching out to your client’s or delivering live briefing or training sessions. This is a great way to connect with a lot of people at the same time, live and interactive.

One of our clients had a big problem with his business as he was always having to travel to America to deliver his training in person. He was spending far too many hours travelling, and then there’s the expense of flights and hotels and so on, not to mention all the hours he was then away from the office, and of course his family.

Now all he has to do is book a broadcast, let us know the email addresses of the people to whom he wishes to the deliver the transmission, and let those people know the date and the time of the broadcast, and that’s it……He delivers a training session from his own offices, live!.

There are so many uses for this technology, indeed we have a live gig coming up with rock artist Elias T. Hoth, and this is going to be broadcast live over the internet to around 6000 fans!!...all over the world.

Click on the link to Vimeo at the bottom of the page to see a small demonstration of how it all works.


Presenter...... Sue Tonks

Broadcast Technician ...... Martin Kay

Camera Operators ...... James Pope & Aaron Rogerson

I.M. Moderator ......  Pamela Holt

Titles & Graphics ...... James Pope

Live Editing ...... Martin Kay

Thank you for watching,


Paul Cragg – Director of production.    Mobile 0777 334 7577



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