Amir Khan to be ambassador for The Best Of Bolton
6th September 2010
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We are really excited to announce that World Champion Boxer Amir Khan will be acting as ambassador for thebestofbolton. 

Amir is passionate about Bolton, the town, the businesses and the people and this is what he had to say


"My name’s Amir Kahn, I am a boxer, an athlete, a business man and I’m a lad from Bolton…

Bolton is and always has been a great place to live and do business and lately I seem to be hearing lots of disrespect for my town and that annoys me. Admittedly Bolton’s probably not enjoying it’s finest hour right now but to make a boxing analogy, it’s just had a few rough rounds, it’s down but it’s certainly not out!

My training has taught me that if I ever get into that situation, I need to dig deep, take strength from my team and supporters and do whatever is necessary to beat the opposition. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s not easy but having put all this effort into getting to where I am today, I certainly wouldn’t just roll over and give in, I’d fight! And I believe that that’s what we all have to do today in our own way.

Businesses in Bolton are facing a challenge; probably one like most of us have never seen before, times are changing and we need to change with them. Bolton is a huge town with a lot of great people and a wealth of fantastic businesses who are ready and willing to serve them. 

Let's decide here and now that whatever difficulties we face, we will face them together, create a community where everything that’s great about Bolton comes together, providing a resource where the people of Bolton can find whatever they need, right here in Bolton, bringing wealth, prosperity and success to our town.

That community will be served by The Best Of Bolton, who will provide a resource for our town, bringing back the good old fashioned value of ‘word of mouth recommendation’, championing ONLY the best businesses and promoting all things great in Bolton. 

Let’s KEEP BUSINESS LOCAL, support each other and rebuild our town. Let us all aim to be part of The Best Of Bolton, in whatever way we can."

Amir Kahn

Ambassador for The Best Of Bolton



Amir continues to do great work in Bolton through his charity 'Gloves'. This is a community resource for the people of Bolton in particular young people, providing education around healthy lifestyles and fitness.

The facility is also used by a number of high profile athletes for rehabilitation after injury and specific fitness issues. 

Based near the centre of Bolton, The Gloves Charity was conceived and funded totally by Amir's personal financing, demonstrating a real commitment to changing the lives of Bolton's great people.

We look forward to working closely with Amir, building a fantastic resource within the town and regaining some of that great community spirit that Bolton is famous for.

Follow the link for more information about 'Gloves Community Centre' 

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