Always Wanted The Perfect Smile? It's Waiting For You At True Dentistry
15th November 2012
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Some people have beauty thrust upon them, whilst some chase it like an elusive unicorn (yeah, I don't know what that means either). One of the most desired facial features is a straight and even set of teeth.

The advent of braces has certainly helped many young adults achieve this look. But, for many of us, they were never an option. Then came the world of work, and then family, until the thought of fixed “train track-type” braces for potentially 2 to 3 years makes it seem completely implausible to sort them out.

Most adults would still love a great smile, but they are not willing to put up with such a visible form of treatment, and certainly not for such time period. People often think that the only realistic option is to therefore have veneers or crowns to straighten their teeth, especially as this is more “instant”.

More often than not, however, this may not be the best option, and the pros and cons of cutting down healthy teeth should always be considered very carefully before making such a decision, especially now that there is a viable alternative.

Rather than an  artificial look that can result from crowns and veneers, more and more of us want a natural-looking smile. In other words you want to be “you”, just the best form of “you” possible.

Fortunately, in recent years, there have been fantastic developments in dentistry, especially in orthodontics. Several methods are now available to adults that are safe and fast - sometimes taking as little as 8 weeks! And fitting into our modern, demanding lives, some methods are practically invisible.

Add to that some sparkle through professional tooth whitening, and that straight, white smile is attainable for most of us. Safe, fast, comfortable, effective and affordable: the Inman Aligner, Invisalign and Six Month Smiles are options on offer through True Dentistry.

It's well worth getting in touch with them, because, for a limited time only, they're offering a FREE consultation to discuss adult orthodontic options. And yes, I did say FREE. FREE.

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