AFG LAW, Bolton, Offering Free Will Reviews (Usually Priced At £100)
25th February 2013
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Making a will is not as simple as it was five years ago. Unfortunately, many people fail to keep their wishes up to date, and problems arise after they have departed. AFG LAW want to help the people of Bolton to avoid this, and are offering free will reviews.

Historically, when people made a will they expected that was it until they died. Nowadays dysfunctional families, second and third marriages, changes in lifestyle, legislation and societal norms mean that many people will experience significant changes in their circumstances more frequently than they might have done many years ago.

Reviewing a will with AFG LAW, quoting thebestof Bolton, will cost you nothing – and could possibly save your estate thousands of pounds by ensuring that there is no cause to contest a will which is viewed as out-of-date or which fails to take account of significant changes in circumstance. Your will is an opportunity to decide how your assets and personal effects will benefit those you care most about after you are gone.

Many more second and third marriage families exist with both partners having several sets of children from new and previous relationships. Additionally, people’s lifestyles and circumstances may expose them to many more risks these days – tragic accidents and deaths caused by health issues may cause people to die younger than we would expect.

And finally, changes to legislation and how estates and inheritance are treated are more frequent in modern times. This all means that a will which was made 20 or 30 years ago, or even as recently as five years ago, could very likely no longer be appropriate. It may fail to properly accommodate the many and significant changes which could have occurred since it was written.

Example 1: A person made a will 20 years ago and left everything to a friend and later they have children, the children would not inherit as the will is still valid.

Example 2: A person makes a will and gifts everything to their wife and then to children.  They divorce and then remarry and forget to make a new will then the new wife will inherit everything.

A will review will usually cost you around £100. Just by quoting thebestof Bolton, you can have it done for free. Give AFG LAW a call on (01204) 84094, and book yours today.

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