Affordable Choice Funerals In Bolton By Bromleys Independent Funeral Service
31st January 2012
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In the current economic climate many people are seeking  an affordable, low cost funeral option but wanting to maintain dignity and pride for their loved ones.

Bromleys Independent Funeral Services in Bolton are providing a service they are confident will be welcomed by many, Affordable Choice Funerals, while Serving with Dignity and Pride, all at the staggeringly low cost of only £995!

So what does the £995 include? And are there any hidden costs? I can hear the questions now…

They are true to their word, says owner Andy Peplow, they will transfer the deceased from any medical institution in England, Lowland Scotland and Wales and the costs for transfer equipment, staff and fuel are included.

The cost of £995 also includes the following:


  • Cremation fees paid to the local council.
  • Accommodation and shelter of the deceased in their own Chapel Of Rest.
  • Fully dressed coffin, complete with Gold effect furnishings and inscribed nameplate.
  • Funeral Director, Heasrse and Chauffeur, along with  additional professional Pall Bearers, to ensure the coffin is properly carried in to the Crematorium Chapel.
  • Arrangement for the cremated remains to be couriered in an appropriate receptacle to the Principle applicant within 5 working days of the funeral taking place.


NB. The only additional fees which might be required are the Doctor’s fees, required to sign the Cremation Certificates, £147 in most cases but if Her Majesty’s Coroner is involved these medical fees are not required.

Some other frequently asked questions are answered here:

•Is the deceased in a normal coffinYes

•Can I word the Coffin PlateYes

•Is the deceased carried to the caterfeltYes

•Can I sit in the Crematorium for a while before the cremation if no service           is held      Yes

•Can I pay extra for a MinisterYes

•Is there a charge for playing musicNo

•Can I change the colour of the CasketYes

•Is the person transported to the crematorium in a hearse Yes

•Can I choose the day of the serviceNo

•Can I choose the time (morning or afternoon)?Yes

•If a post-mortem has been carried out is there any extras  Yes

•Can I have referencesyes

•How long have you been established 25 years

•Can I have the cremation at my local crematorium No

•Can friends and family carry the coffin Yes

•Can I have a burial instead of cremation Yes

•How long after the cremation is it before I get the casket 5 days

•Can I have a limousine Call for details



If you would like more information about the type of funerals that Bromleys Independant Funeral Services offer, contact them on 01204 302002


You can also read more about Bromleys Fair Pricing Policy here 




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