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15th June 2017
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The Internet is littered with reviews and reports of web projects that have ended in disappointment. So why is this, and how can it be avoided?

Building a web site is a joint effort between the client and web design company, if one, or both parties do not do their part then the project is destined to fail. With this in mind let’s look at a few tips to consider.


Web design company selection

When you're trying to find the right company to fit your requirements, research is everything. Most web development companies will have a sales team whose job is to try and make their company sound like the right one for you, but how do you know who to trust? The first thing you should look at is their track record, how long have they been trading? How many notable clients have they had? What kind of software do they use? Do they have any bad reviews? You are looking to put all of these pieces together and establish if this company has integrity.  A lot of web design companies come and go in the space of just a few short years, so ideally you want to source a company that has a solid business model and has been trading for at least 3 years.


Plan and Prepare

Plan and prepare your business and website project correctly. Conduct the correct market research, be ready to supply or complete your content and plan your initial marketing campaigns to launch the new website, all of which is not something that you can do overnight. If you don’t want to write the content then using the services of a copywriter is a good idea but it will still require your input.


Content and product population can be a significant factor into why a website takes far longer than expected or never gets off the ground in entirety! Writing content and compiling product data should be something that you start doing as soon as you enter into a contract with the web design company. Leave these elements until last at your own peril, as you will, invariably, be faced with another 3 months worth of work to do before you can get the site live. This is usually where people abandon the project as all the enthusiasm has disappeared.


So what can go wrong?

A primary reason for a project going wrong is simply poor communication. This can result in a difficult relationship between the client and the web design company. Before you enter into a contract with your chosen web development company it is essential that you, and in turn the web design company, fully understand your requirements. The web design company should provide you with a comprehensive proposal covering everything that you need. If you try and add something that is not included in the initial proposal at a later stage then it can be a costly addition to the project.  Much like ordering any product from any service sector, if you increase the specification the cost will increase.

Make sure everything is comprehensively detailed in a contract document that is agreed by both parties. Avoid companies with the mantra “No contract. No hassle”.

A professional website takes time to design and develop, if you require a website with a bespoke design and content management system then allow the company adequate time to complete it.

If you need advice with your web development project then please get in touch for a free consultation.

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