Johnson Law: Accidents in the Workplace - Are you at risk?
1st October 2013
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In our region we have a varied workforce with a significant percentage of the working population employed in manufacturing and construction. But whatever type of work you do, whether you are a builder working on a construction site or an office worker sitting behind a desk, your employer has a responsibility for your health and safety. They have a duty to keep you as safe as possible whilst you’re at work and to tell you about the health and safety issues that could affect you and are specific to your job.

Local solicitors, Johnson Law, have put together an infographic which includes some of the latest statistics produced by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on fatal injuries in the workplace. Fatal accidents at work are thankfully very rare but minor accidents in the workplace happen every day.  

The infographic also shows interesting statistics on how the job you do and where you live can affect your likelihood of having an accident at work. From a business owners point of view it also highlights interesting statistics on lost work days and revenue because of accidents at work whilst providing useful tips on what the employers responsibility is and what you can do to improve health and safety in your business.


Johnson Law Accidents at Work Infographic

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