A well-produced leaflet can lift your business
27th March 2015
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A well-crafted leaflet can lift a business and improve turn over in a short space of time. Sometimes we allow our businesses to get a little stale, and it is good to give it a kick start.

Your goods and services are well known to you, and maybe to some of your customers do, but it doesn’t harm to remind everybody. Maybe you have something new to promote, in which case a smart leaflet will help to do the trick.

Here are a few tips.

L = Loud and clear – a leaflet needs to say very quickly what is being offered for sale. In a matter of seconds the leaflet will either attract attention or lose it, you will not get a second chance to make a first impression.

E = Explain the deal, what are you offering? You need a ‘hook’ to catch attention i.e. 50% Off!

A = Advertise your business to more people at cost effective rates.

F = Flyers do work. Tucked inside newspapers, or under windscreen wipers, or popped through letter boxes. Yes, there is a lot of wastage but some will be read and the message passed on. Beware of littering the streets and car parks though, you are easily traced.

L = Less is more. Both with the amount of text and with the quantity of leaflets. Printers will urge you to print ‘another hundred for half the price’ because the art work is done, but if the extra leaflets are left on a shelf then there is no saving. If you do buy it make sure you use it fully = no waste.

E = Easy on the eye, get a professional job done by your local printer – they will advise you on lay out etc. Use colour, photographs – a single picture says more than a page of writing.

T = Tell the customer where to find you. Make it easy for the customer, if you are on line say so, same for telephone No and address. Maybe, consider a bonus for bringing the leaflet in with them ‘10% off bonus on production of this leaflet.’

S = Splash The Cash. Good effective advertising leaflets well designed and printed are an excellent investment, but, do your homework first.


So finally, distribution. Using a trusted and reliable leaflet delivery company is so important. 

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