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20th October 2016
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The day starts like any other household with kids, the usual morning chaos of preparing for school and aim to be out of the house on time.

In amongst this chaos – first thing I will check is emails, social media and of course the news. Managing multiple social media accounts often feels like a full time job in itself and although posts are pre-planned and scheduled, responses need to be dealt with immediately.

The commute to work is usually the only ‘me-time’ I get so I tend to enjoy my drives!

In the office, I will tackle the day ahead by referring to my task list from the day before, check my diary, emails and telephone messages and then dive right in with the multitude of tasks at hand.

Juggling two very different roles means there has to be a very clear line and when I’m wearing my lawyer hat, desserts have to be put on hold (until lunch time at least!)

The day in the office can be long but what time I finish is often dictated by what I have scheduled in respect of Room Four Dessert.

Today, I need to meet with the supervisors to discuss new product lines, promotions and social media campaigns.  I’ve arranged to meet at 7pm to leave me enough time to draft the documents at work which need to be filed at court by tomorrow.

I believe lunchtime should be spent away from the desk.  Unfortunately, I’m terrible at taking my own advice so I will eat a light lunch whilst continuing with work.  A full lunch break is very much a luxury these days.

I also need to prepare the following week’s rota for the shop.  This is something I will do after I’ve finished my work and before my 7pm meeting so I can handover to the supervisors.

Emails and telephone calls are a constant throughout the day, in respect of both businesses.  Other than anything urgent, I will deal with any shop queries in the evening, once the hats have been swapped.

I swear by lists so I will not leave the office until I have updated my task list in preparation of the next morning, then immediately switch to my other list as I tackle my Room Four responsibilities.

The time I get home varies each day.  I like to unwind with family time and if time permits, an episode of whichever series my wife and I are currently addicted to.  (At the moment its Walking Dead since Game of Thrones finished!)

If you would like to find out any more information about Room Four Dessert, give them a call on 01204 876756

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