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20th October 2016
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Have you ever wondered what a typical day is like for a Charity CEO? Here's what a typical day is like for Maura from  Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme

CEO BYPHS; Wife, Mum, Gran and Daughter amongst other things.

No 2 days are ever the same. They start early as Che, my dog, sits on my neck around 6am for some attention. I am up and out, quick dog walk and usually at my desk at 7.30am to catch up on things whilst it’s quiet. Emails, reports, funding applications take up a great deal of my time throughout each and every day. I’m responsible for 100 young people who are homeless, 52 staff across 8 services. It is busy.  I’m just dusting myself off from an AGM, Gala Ball fundraiser, Inspirational Speech for a networking event and Bolton Market fundraising gig within 3 consecutive working days. 

This was one of my days this week.

7.30 am start. I wrote 10 thank you letters to people who had assisted with our Gala fundraiser dinner. I looked through a potential funding bid and drafted an expression of interest. I completed a draft press release for our ten tin challenge asking the public to back our Heat and Eat campaign and donate tinned food for our young people. I’ve answered 35 emails which I try to do every day since there are over 4000 in my inbox!

9 am I rang our accountant to sort some queries out in our management accounts. (Lost the will to live by 9.15am)

The rest of the morning included a discussion with my business manager about pensions auto enrolment, the Crompton Place about our Halloween “spooktacular” event and writing a summary report on our 3 year organisational evaluation. This was interrupted for half an hour with a call from a staff member having a medical emergency which required me calling an ambulance and GP. That’s never happened here before!

 I spoke to 2 potential Guardians who want to join our scheme to sponsor the organisation and then I set up some management meetings for next week with regard to business planning and funding. I want an away day where myself and other managers think about the vision for the next 12 months and take some time to lead my organisation instead of managing it!!

Lunch as always was at my desk still working but I did find 10 minutes to buy Stone Roses tickets for next year. Happy days. 

I had a two hour meeting with my Operational Manager for her supervision and we had discussions about staffing, young people, risk management, properties, contractors and service delivery.  This is a relatively new post in the organisation and before she started in April I did all this as well. So I am glad to have her.

I registered for the University of Bolton Duke of Edinburgh challenge as a fundraiser which I had meant to do ages ago and I wrote and sent a report to the Board of Trustees ahead of our Board meeting. I answered some queries from our accountant after this morning’s phone call and that took me over an hour to prepare.

There aren’t many days like this where I have no meetings with external partners and some days they are back to back. The rest of the week has meetings with Looked After Children’s manager, our Business Development manager and a sponsors lunch at the Beer festival.  I finished work at 5.30 and headed home for tea with my granddaughter, Ruby. Rubelicious. Aged 5. She is a complete tonic and makes everything else just disappear. I ring my mum on the way home from the car (handsfree) which I do every single day for a chat.

When she went home I had to complete my 5 mile dog walk for the day as part of my Diamond Duke of Edinburgh challenge which is 100 mile sponsored walk throughout October. Text BYPH66 £3 to 70070 to sponsor me. The money is for BYPHS.

My husband Ian wakes at 7pm so we eat at 8 and he goes to work at 9. He temporarily works nights for the next 2 weeks then back on days. Thankfully as I see him for two hours a day now Monday – Friday if I am lucky.

10.10pm Che is snoring like a pig. I check my emails before bed (just in case) as we deliver 24/7 services and emergencies happen. But everything is ok. I have just received a text though from the manager of the leaving care team to confirm I am required to help with an event on 28th October for care leavers.  I made the mistake of telling her recently I had been to a chocolate making class, once, and now it would appear I am delivering a workshop to 10 care leavers. Good night J


If you would like to find out any more information about Bolton Young Persons Housing Scheme, give them a call on 01204 520183

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