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11th October 2016
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 I started my business in February of this year. Because I have had a fairly eclectic career it was initially difficult to drill down to what my offer really was.

Initially I described myself as a third sector specialist as I have been involved in a lot of work in the faith and charity sector. Eight months in, without hesitation, when people ask what I do my response is "I develop people, projects and places" my current offer includes mindfulness workshops, listening services (a mixture of counselling, mentoring, coaching and chaplaincy) and I have just been engaged by the University of Bolton to manage their Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns.

I am also recruiting 'guardians' for our lovely Maura Jackson & BYPHS.  

A day in my life ...
I begin my day with prayer at 7am ... It anchors me
Usually my 14 year old makes my breakfast - home made porridge - little star!
I am a mum and they will always be my priority. I have one daughter at high school and the other has just started Bolton Uni. I try to build my working day around taking them to school/uni. 
This morning I was in Uni following up on the big campaign launch I had done yesterday. I also caught up with e mails and calls in and amongst.
I then headed over to the Octagon for a networking event. My very first networking event was at the Chinese buffet with the Best of Bolton two years ago. I loved it so much I created two of my own! As business has grown I don't get to do as much as I would like
I headed back to uni to plan the next event to publicise the Duke of Edinburgh's Diamond Challenge. I would love to tell you more and get you involved!
I met up with my very own 'fresher' and took her for a quick unhealthy McDonald's en route to a hairdressing appointment at 6.
My husband met us there with the youngest and, when I was done,  I headed off to the Millennium Chapel Gospel Choir - I have just joined in an attempt to get my life/work balance right.
In and amongst I have been communicating with family as we are trying to share the care for our wonderful, but sadly deteriorating, Aunt & Uncle who brought us up.
And now, here I am ... Back home at 10pm ... Writing a blog for you lovely BoBers  
My bed is definitely calling. Good night and God bless, Karen xx
If you would like to find out more about karen Openshaw Consultancy, please click here
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