A Christmas story by Full Circle IT
20th December 2013
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Adele from Full Circle IT would like to share this wonderful Christmas story with you.

It all started back at the start of December, Father Christmas was sat in his grotto in the North Pole surrounded by piles and piles of paper. As the elves were working in the workshop all they could hear were loud sighs coming from the grotto, rather than the usual cheery ho ho hos. One of the elves went in to see what the problem was.

"The problem?" asked Father Christmas. "The problem is I've received thousands of letters from children and I need to write to all their parents to see if they should be on the 'good' list or the 'not so good' list. It's going to take years, we'll never be ready for Christmas".

The elf glanced at the letter on the top of the pile. "Look at this one, it's from Matthew and Grace Brocklebank, they say that their Dad and Aunt are in run an IT business. We're making and delivering so many laptops, mobile phones and iPads to children, why donât we ask them if all this new technology can be used to help us out."

One quick phone call to Full Circle IT Solutions and all the problems were fixed, children can email Father Christmas directly at santa@thenorthpole.com , the email automatically triggers a text to the parents and once the parents reply (in most cases the children are on the good list!) the elves can start making and wrapping all the presents. And Father Christmas can go back to doing what he does best, eating mince pies and ho ho hoing.

If you would like to get in touch with Full Circle IT you could give them a call on 01204 684051 or click here

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