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6th December 2013
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The town is so nice it's filled with loads to do from shopping at the Arndale centre to going bowling at Hollywood bowl for everybody; families, men, women, kids, toddlers, grandma and granddad everyone can join in the fun! My favourite place to go is either Nevada roller rink because that's where I first learnt to roller blade or Moss Bank Park where lots of family memories are.

Bolton is fun all year round, when winter dawns they put up and ice rink in the town centre to reminding everyone even though its cold you can still have fun, and when summer comer you could visit one of many summer concerts and festivals they have to offer. Also you could go and watch a new thriller movie that you and your friends have always wanted to watch at vue or visit the milkshake shop in Crompton place while browsing Primark, whatever fits your fancy really!

Overall Bolton is one of the friendliest towns in all of England you could sit and relax with a Frappuccino gossiping to your mates, learn something new at Bolton Museum or just go for a chill at Bolton skate park there are loads to do and for everyone, I love my town and I hope you will to!

Thanks for reading my blog of the where to go and what to do whilst you are her so I hope that you'll take some in next time you come "have a safe yourney"

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