9 Top Tips For Choosing A Solicitor In Bolton
14th December 2012
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All people will come in contact with a solicitor during their life. Regardless of the reason, it's important you choose a good one, one that will work to achieve the desired result. We have two great companies in Bolton, AFG Law and Fieldings Porter, and here are 9 tips for choosing one for you.

(1) Recommended

It makes sense that the best solicitors will be the most recommended. And, as you are probably aware by now, our businesses at thebestof Bolton are only members because they have come to us by recommendation.

If people have had a great experience with a business, they will want to shout about it. That's why AFG Law and Fieldings Porter have so many reviews. Likewise, if you've never heard of a law firm, it's probably because they don't do so well.

(2) Speciality

Make sure your solicitor deals with what you are looking for. It makes no sense to approach a litigation solicitor to work through your divorce settlement. Most solicitors are versed in all aspects of law, but they will be more highly-skilled in one sector than the rest.

(3) Seniority

Have your case evaluated, and use a level of seniority that is suited to your needs. Using a junior solicitor for a deal that could determine the future of your business may not be wise. However, spending a small fortune on the most senior solicitor to arrange your will could be wasteful.

(4) Society

If in doubt about your case or the law firm in question, don't hesitate to get in contact with the Law Society. They offer great advice, and are sure to inform you that AFG Law and Fieldings Porter are the businesses for you.

(5) Rates

Establish what your chosen lawyer's hourly rate is. Doing this will avoid a lot of trouble in the long term, and any reputable law company will be clear about how much they charge in advance.

(6) Contracts

When asked to sign something, make sure you read it. Don't treat it like the terms and conditions on iTunes and just agree, make sure it is looked over properly, and time is taken to understand what you are signing. Also, remember where you are, both AFG Law and Fieldings Porter will be happy to talk it through with you.

(7) Cost

The cheapest is not always the cheapest. Using a budget solicitor could end up costing you a lot more in the long term, not just financially, but it could see you lose the case. Likewise, don't spend thousands on a London-based lawyer when we have a great selection in Bolton.

(8) Availability

Never be afraid to ask questions. You're paying for a service, so it's fine to make sure that service is being done. If your chosen solicitor is difficult to get hold of, or takes far too long to return calls and emails, it's time to question how proactive they could possibly be when it comes to fighting your case.

(9) Contact

Find out how many people will be handling your case. Assembly-line law firms are all too common, and with a large number of people working on different aspects of your case, the chances of success significantly decrease. You have a right to know.

This may seem daunting, but do not fear. Bolton is lucky to be blessed with, not one, but two great law firms, both who come highly recommended, and who are known for consistently achieving excellent results.

AFG Law is an established law firm with over a hundred years of experience offering a comprehensive legal service to both corporate clients and individuals. They have solicitors and lawyers ready to provide you with expert legal advice in a range of specialist areas of law. For more information, give them a call on (01204) 684094.

Fieldings Porter Solicitors have been established in Bolton since 1871 and pride themselves on exceptional customer care. As a general practice, they can advise and act on all aspects of law either for individuals or in buisness. If you'd like to use their services, give them a call on (01204) 689623.

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