7 reasons why employers will want you
23rd May 2012
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A key to success in today's difficult economic climate is being proactive and making the most of the opportunities that are out there.  But it is generally useful to put yourself into another's shoes, in this case an employers. 

We are often amazed at how many candidates fail to meet the some of the most basic criteria listed below.  Ensure that you do and you will be well placed to secure that job that you want.  So, here are seven reasons why an employer should recruit you.  Do you fit the bill?  


1. Your potential 

Most employers want to grow and prosper, and remember that you can help them. Ask questions about the employer’s outlook and plans for the future.  Ask how you can help them develop too.  Most managers will respond well to this, as most will appreciate all the help they can get!


2. Ability to work well with others

Being helpful, respectful, reliable and competent are all great qualities.  If you are prepared to go the extra mile to help meet deadlines, you will be very useful indeed.  If people around you are struggling and need help, are you prepared to respond?


3. Your ability to make money

The economics of most businesses are paramount.  Could you help them increase revenues or reduce costs? Think about how your productivity can assist the business.  You may be able to free up time for others to undertake some vital business development.   


4. Impressive CV

Your CV promotes you.  Ensure it has content, style and accuracy. It is your advertisement so make sure it impresses, tailoring it to the job role if necessary.  Get a friend to look over it and gain their feedback if in doubt


5. Think about your online presence

Your social networks can be there for all to see.  Look at your facebook, twitter or linkedin profiles through an employer’s eyes and make sure you are creating the right impression.   Eradicate any digital dirt that creates a bad impression!

But it needn’t be negative, praise received or good works you are involved with through social media can make a positive impression too.


6. Enthusiasm 

Show confidence (even if you may feel a little nervous).  People respond to positive behaviour when looking for staff.  Remember that a lot of employers are likely to recruit on attitude too.  Yours can make all the difference. Make sure it is good!


7.       Do you fit with their values?

Most employers have some form of online presence.  You might be surprised how many candidates fail to do this basic research. Do you understand what they do and share their values?   If you can align yourself your employer’s goals, it could be a perfect match.


If you can respond to the above tips positively, you are already ahead of most of your job seeking competition.  Good luck!


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