6 Tips To Giving A Small Bedroom More Style from Phase Two Bedrooms
17th February 2015
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In the majority of households, at least one person will be left with a room they aren’t particularly happy with. One of the bedrooms in any given household will be smaller, so it’s just a case of trying to find the right fit –who deserves to go in the little room?

If you are looking for ways to make this easier on yourself, then all you need to do is use some of these simple tips below from Phase Two Bedroom Design

They should help you transform your room and take away from the lack of size within the room, making it easier to live in;

Get Custom Furniture – It might cost a little bit more to do, but it can be so useful to have pieces made to measure for your home. By getting things to fit just right you no longer wind up with an imbalanced room with no space to actually move within.

KISS with Colour – One of the biggest mistakes that people will make is using a mixed colour palette when they start working on a small one. KISS stands for “Keep it simple, stupid!” and can make it so much easier to avoid going over the top and really make the room look broken up. A similar style of color throughout helps it all blend together, making the room far more appealing to just about everyone.

Use Mirrors – Mirrors can help make a room look much bigger than I actually is – creating the illusion of space can help take away from the blatant size of the room, especially compared to other rooms in the property.

Let There Be Light – A small room can be brought to life with the right colours – but the right lighting can do it even more justice. Natural light leaves room for other kinds of fittings elsewhere and also makes the room look a lot more comfortable to be in.

Use What Space You Have – The first thing you need to consider is where everything will go – getting a with storage underneath, for example, can help you keep the room clean and uncluttered without having to break down any walls!

Doulbe Up Features – Give other parts of the room more than one use. A headboard can act as a bookshelf, for example, and you can also use things like a chest of drawers as a TV stand – mix things up and you can save space massively. 

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