6 things you never knew about Oven Rescue Bolton
6th July 2017
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Oven Rescue are fantastic oven cleaners in Bolton who say they can make your oven look like brand new, like the day you bought it!

Here is 6 things you never knew about Oven Rescue!  


1) Oven Rescue can change all of your oven bulbs

If your oven bulbs are quite old and in need of replacing, Oven Rescue can do this for you, saving the time to go out and get them yourself!

2) Oven Recue can change your extractor fan filter

The last thing you want is your extractor fan clogged up and for it to not be working to its full potential! Oven Rescue can change this for you, so it works as good as new!

3) Oven Rescue say no to smelly chemicals!

Oven Rescue will never use any smelly chemicals on your oven, this means you aren’t left with any smells or residue once the job is finished!

4) Oven Rescue go the extra mile

Oven Rescue really go the extra mile for their customers, they will remove all racks and oven trays and clean in a dip tank in their van!

5) Oven Rescue can change your oven seal

As well as your bulbs and extractor fan filter, Oven Rescue can also change your oven seal! Just give them a shout and they can do this for you!

6) Always a thorough clean with Oven Rescue

Oven Rescue will always, where possible remove the door of your oven to ensure a thorough clean!


All these points just show why Oven Rescue are one of the best! If you would like any more information, give them a call on 01204 869489

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