5 Summertime Life Hacks!
14th June 2022
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With summer just round the corner, we're bringing you 5 summertime life hacks that will come in handy over the next few months.

Watermelon Lollies!

Slice a watermelon into large triangles and insert a stick into the base of each slice. Place these slices in the freezer to create healthy, delicious and refreshing watermelon ice lollies to enjoy in the hot sun.


An ice cold glass of wine!

Unless you want to water down your lovely glass of wine, we don’t recommend using ice cubes as a drink-cooling method. Use alternatives such as frozen wine cubes and frozen grapes to retain that taste.


No more ants!

Sprinkle some ground coffee near the entrances to your home to repel ants. Cinnamon can also come in handy, just mix it with some water and use a spray bottle to spray your homemade repellent wherever you see the ants accumulating. 


Clean your BBQ!

Use an onion to clean your BBQ by slicing it in half and rubbing the sliced side over your hot grill. The onion will help remove the charring from the grates once it heats up. You may also use aluminum foil to scrape off any excess charring that gets left behind. 


Keep your beverages cool!

Need to keep your drinks cool for the whole day? Make an ice bucket for your bottles/cans and wrap each drink in wet kitchen roll before placing them in the bucket. Still not cold enough? Add some salt to the ice bucket to strengthen its cooling powers! 

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