5 Easy Exercises You Can Do At Home!
25th May 2022
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Push-Ups are a simple but effective exercise for your chest, triceps and shoulders. Position yourself on the ground in a plank position, palms on the floor on both sides of your chest. Push your body weight upwards, keeping your back straight, until your arms are fully extended. Now, lower your body until your chest touches the ground whilst keeping yourself stable. Beginners may touch their knees to the ground to make it a bit easier.


Sit Ups

A great way to follow up a set of push-ups is some sit-ups! This is an easy one. Lie on your back with your arms to your side and use your body to sit your self up without the use of your hands. Lie with your knees bent up and try and reach your head to your knees with each sit up before reversing the motion and easing yourself back down to a lying position. Repeat this process as many times as you're comfortable with.



If you own a skipping rope, skipping is an excellent, fun way to exercise your whole body. Toss the rope over your head and under your feet, jumping over the rope each time it comes round. Skipping is great cardio that will strengthen your core, exercising your abdominal muscles and shoulders as well as your legs. Once you get the hang of it, skipping can be a lot of fun and a great way to burn calories effectively.



Star-jumps are one of the most simple exercises in the book. Perform this exercise by jumping in the air repeatedly whilst extending your arms and legs every other jump. You can do this exercise very easily from a basic standing position which makes it very efficient for a quick workout. See how long you can keep it up, it's surprising how strenuous this exercise can be after a while! 



Squats are the perfect exercise for your lower body as well as your core muscles. Position your feet to be aligned with your hips and slowly lower yourself as if you're sitting on a chair whilst tensing your abs. Use your leg muscles to lower yourself whilst pushing your knees slightly outward and looking straight ahead. After lowering, use your heels to push yourself off the floor back into a standing position. Remember to relax your shoulders and try to keep your knees in line with your toes.


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