4 Wheel Alignment In Bolton Could Save Your Life But At Least Some Money!
10th April 2012
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Driving in Bolton, have you caught the kerb or hit a pothole with your car recently?

Don’t let a minor issue become a major problem, having a ‘4 wheel alignment measurement check’ carried out on your car could literally save your life!

While that may sound a bit dramatic, it is true but there are also many other benefits to having the 4 Wheel Alignment Checked in your car

Reduced Tyre Wear 

Poor alignment is a major cause of unnecessary tyre wear. A properly aligned car will add thousands of miles to the life of your tyres and with the cost of tyres increasing as they are today, why damage them unnecessarily.

Improve Fuel Consumption

When all your wheels are pointing in the same direction, the drag on your tyres is reduced and fuel consumption is increased. With fuel costing more and more each we all want to be getting as many miles per gallon as possible!

Saves Money & Environment 

By reducing tyre wear and consequent unnecessary replacement, improving fuel economy and CO2 emissions, it not only makes motoring more affordable, it helps the environment too!

Improved Handling

4 wheel alignment will correct many handling problems, giving you a better, safer, more enjoyable driving experience. 

Safer Driving

Poor wheel alignment may make your car unstable when taking emergency or evasive action. Along with a suspension system inspection, which is part of a 4 wheel alignment procedure ,worn or faulty parts may be identified well before they become dangerous, making your driving experience altogether safer and more reliable. 

So, like I said, if you’ve hit a kerb or a pothole while driving around Bolton, you may not know it but you may be putting yourself and others at risk, or at the very least paying more than you need to for fuel and the maintenance of your car.

So how do I know if I need my wheel alignment checking? I hear you asking!

It is not always obvious, the misalignment may only be slight but look uneven tyre wear on the front or the rear tyres or the car pulling to the left or right may indicate it but what is almost certain is that if you have caught the kerb or hit a pothole recently then you are likely to need the alignment checking.

Perfect Finish are a thebestof bolton recognised company and currently offer a full 4 Wheel Alignment Check for all types of vehicle at a special offer price from under £50 (£39+VAT) until the end of May.

Contact them and book your 4 Wheel Alignment Check for £39+VAT that’s a saving of over £40 off their normal prices and could save you even more in running costs, even your life! Dowload your voucher here

Most responsible motoring organisations recommend that you have the 4 Wheel Alignment checked annually, even on new cars and this is not done as part of you routine service or MOT Test.



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