4 Tips to Plan the Perfect Fitted Bedroom
22nd November 2016
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Planning is the key when designing one’s home, albeit the bedroom or elsewhere. It is not simply a matter of ripping out the old and putting in the new, to do so would be to lose the opportunity to create meaningful changes and produce a boudoir fit for a mega-star.

Similarly, unless one is a designer with technical knowledge and design flair it is not a job for the amateur, a professional designer will make the process easier and will probably save money for you in the long run.

New Edition Fitted Furniture offer four ideas that may help you to achieve bedroom design perfection.

Maximise the available space. Make a simple floor plan, establish where the bed is to be placed and bear in mind that the larger the bed the smaller the remaining floor area. The remaining space may have to include other furniture, by retaining adequate floor space the room will appear larger, using mirrors can also increase the apparent room size. Bear in mind that wardrobes and drawers may intrude into the walking space, if this can be avoided or mitigated circulation space will be improved. Less is more, try and avoid packing the available space with non-essentials.

Lighting, artificial or natural light is important in enabling one to match colours etc., make good use of natural light where-ever possible. Fitted bedroom furniture designed by professionals will include the best in artificial lighting to enhance the appearance of the room and to facilitate easier usage for all concerned.

Colour schemes play a major role; they can make a room look larger or they can have the opposite effect. Care with one’s choice of colour and patterns will help with the overall look of this important living space.

Take time to decide based upon your plan and with the benefit of professional advice. Professional designers have hands-on experience of creating fine fitted bedrooms, kitchens and all the other living spaces within the home.

New Edition Fitted Furniture is a Company with over 25 years’ experience of planning, design and installation of top quality home installations. They understand built structures both new build and older properties. They have knowledge about what will fit into a given space and what will not. During their time in the fitted furniture profession the team at New Edition have seen just about every variation and they have the technical knowledge to be able to advise on all matters pertaining to design and installation, not forgetting whether the electrical supply can cope with any additional load.

If you would like to find out any more information about New Edition Fitted Furniture, give them a call on 01204 575270


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