4 Reasons You Need Underlay By Wall2Wall Carpets
11th December 2014
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So you've decided what carpet you want and then the sales person asks about underlay...is it a sales ploy to get more money from you or is it a genuine product to help prolong the life of your carpet? Wall 2 Wall Carpets explain.

Underlay is one of those 'add on' products that the customer is never sure if they need or not. Well the lovely people have an acronym for why you need underlay for your new carpet and that's the word 'SICK'

S- Soundproofing - Underlay really helps with this. It forms an extra layer under your carpet to really help cushion the sound that's formed when walking around.

I- Insulation - It adds that extra warm layer between your carpet and the harsh external floor. We are all energy conscious these days and having underlay really helps keep that extra energy in the room you want it to be and not escaping.

C- Comfort- There is no doubt about it, it feels lovely when you have good quality underlay and your lovely new carpet on top. Walking around bare foot feels so much nicer when there is a soft cushion beneath your feet.

K- Keeping Carpets Looking Newer for Longer - Underlay really does help the wear and tear of your carpet.


Don't forget when it's time to change your carpet, its generally time to change your underlay. Don't spend all that money on a lovely new carpet but then forget to invest in its foundations.

So some really great reasons why when selecting a carpet from Wall2Wall, you also need to factor in underlay to go with it.

Find out more about Wall2Wall here or give them a call on 01204 684057

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