3 Top tips on going back to university!
29th September 2016
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It’s that time of year where everyone is starting or going back to university, and here are some top tips from Outer Space Storage for you.

Outer Space Storage Centre have put their 3 top tips together for going back to university

1)      Get Organised

After a long summer, we know the last thing on your mind will be getting organised, but a great tip is to only pack the things you need, a cluttered space won’t help! Another fantastic idea is to get a whiteboard, this will help you keep on track of your lectures and tasks you need to complete.

2)      Use Wall Space

One thing you will truly miss at University is space! Make the most out of your wall space and hang up, put up shelves or even shower racks, this will help de-clutter your desk and de-clutter your mind.

3)      Save those pennies

Everybody knows that when going to university, those pennies are tight and it’s important to save where you can. Start a coin jar and put all of your extra change into your jar, it’ll soon mount up and you’ll be able to go out somewhere nice to eat – and leave out the noodles for a night!


If you need any help with moving back to university, give Outer Space Storage Centre in Bolton a call. They offer a moving service, and also a student storage service! So you can make sure you’re only taking the things you need. Not only that, if you’re in need of packing boxes, they have small, medium and large boxes, as well as bubble wrap!

Give them a call on 01204 374003 to find out about all of their services

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