3 Top Tips for the Perfect Business Card
28th November 2016
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It should be remembered that the cost of producing business cards comes off the bottom line of a business. That is not to say don’t have them, rather that they do need to ‘do the business’ for you with high impact so that they generate greater awareness of your business effectively.

By themselves business cards do not sell directly but they do open doors for you if designed and used correctly.

Making the business card achieve success is important, as the card will hopefully remain with the customer long after your meeting as a reminder of who you are and what you have had to say.

To some degree it depends upon what one’s business is, and on the style of the individual, personality does attract interest – people buy from people especially ones they like or like the look of. Having pretty graphics, holograms, and quirky styling may work for some but may not work for others, in some cases it may undermine the seriousness of one’s business case.

Professional people may opt for a more classical approach, crisp white card with black printing.

Business people, especially SME’s and sole traders may opt for something that attempts to sell for them. However, sometimes less is more.

As many business cards, will only be glanced at briefly it makes sense to get across succinctly, who you are, what you do, and where/how you can be contacted. Therefore, a good business card must state clearly your name/company name with a sharp logo is effective, making it crystal clear right away who you are with all due credentials clearly stated.

Clearly describe what it is that you can offer, builder, solicitor, accountant, domestic appliance repair specialist etc., it may be possible to add a list on the reverse of the card if the information is absolutely essential.

List clearly all of the up to date contact details where you can be reached, telephone-landline and mobiles, e mail, LinkedIn etc. It is very frustrating having taken interest in a product or service only to find the details are not current making contact impossible.

No 4, don’t bury the vital information under endless extra and unnecessary filler i.e. details that simply crowd out what you are trying to say. Some readers of the business card will be exceptionally busy people, or may struggle to read the small detail, keep the card easy to read and eye-catching.

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