3 reasons your small business need an IT support company
29th September 2016
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In business, we’re all busy doing the day to day tasks, but when something goes wrong with our IT, we’re not all able to deal with the problems that we face, and it can really be time consuming for a lot of us.

It’s so important for a small business to have an IT support company, not to just save us time but for the support on the end of the line.

At thebestof bolton, we use a local IT company, Full Circle IT Solutions and here’s just 3 reasons why they are perfect for us:

1)      Their quick service

We often have small problems that arise, for example a corrupt spreadsheet that was important to us, but we just didn’t have time or the know how to fix. All it took was a simple email to Full Circle IT and they were on the phone in less than 10 minutes helping us and easily remoting on to our PC’s to sort the problem out.

2)      Personal Service

Full Circle IT know us, and how our office is set out, which is why they can easily identify any problems that arise. Not only that, they have a full reporting of any problems we’ve had in the past so know exactly where to start!

3)      Our peace of mind

We have full peace of mind that all of our backups/updates are fully in control by Full Circle IT, and no work is needed from us, leaving us the time to focus on what we need to do!


If you would like to find out how Full Circle IT Solutions  can help you in your business, give them a call on 08454 674727

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