3 reasons why you should you back up data on computers
4th August 2014
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Why is backing up data so important? Toby Harley of Full Circle IT explains exactly why it is crucial to find the time to do it. 

To start with though, you need to know exactly what backing up data is. Backing up data is where you compile all your data and then store it in a secure place away from the PC.

It’s really easy to back up data and it is something that businesses have been doing for a long time. Not always electronically though. Sometimes they’ve stored data on paper, on cassettes or even floppy disks, but computers have made backing up data more straightforward and quicker than ever before.

It’s really easy to back up data, although a lot of people think it’s a waste of time. It isn’t though. Remember computers are made up of so many different parts which can stop working correctly. Some faulty components are simple to fix and replace, but if the hard disk drive/memory of your PC broke, you could buy a new one but all the data stored on it would be lost forever.

By having a backup you could just fit it to your machine again and start where you was before the memory broke.

If you hadn’t, and all your data was erased, it would be expensive and time consuming to get back.

There are many reasons why data loss can happen, like parts breaking unexpectedly. The most popular reason of all is human error. Many of us have accidentally deleted things they wanted to keep and with a backup, they can easily just restore the file they’ve just gotten rid of.

Occasionally the software you are using can be a cause of the error. All of us will have experienced something closing without our doing causing work to disappear.  

The game over Zeus virus was a concern a couple of months ago. Those people who were unlucky enough to be infected with the virus had all their files encrypted and they were asked for money to get their data back. People with backups were able to restore their files and not pay the cash, whilst people with no backup had to pay the demands or start from scratch again.

Finally, natural disasters like fire or floods can cause data to be lost. Keeping a backup ensures you can keep any important information should the worst happen.

If you have any questions about backup solutions, call Full Circle IT on 01204 684051. 

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