100% Entrance Exam Pass Rate from Bolton Tuition Centre
9th March 2017
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Amazing News! With all of the recent goings on with secondary school places, Bolton Tuition Centre are pleased to announce they received a 100% pass rate for the entrance exams!

8 students who were enrolled at Bolton Tuition Centre have been working extremely hard recently with their work and revision and all received a pass on their secondary school entrance exams, with 2 of the 8 students receiving a 65% bursary too!

Bolton Tuition Centre offer outstanding tuition to children aged 6-16, they can provide a free assessment to see where your child is up to currently and will then tailor a programme to suit their individual needs.

Using Bolton Tuition Centre’s wealth of materials and resources, alongside one-to-one guidance, the tutors at Bolton Tuition Centre will work with your child to build their confidence and ability.

Once again a HUGE congratulations to both the team and the students at Bolton Tuition Centre, you have done amazing!

If you would like to find out any more information about Bolton Tuition Centre and how they can help your child, give them a call on 01204 363550

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