10 things to think about when choosing a VoIP phone system
23rd September 2014
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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is basically voice communication done over the internet using IP based telephony systems. It is sometimes called internet telephony or IP telephony and is less expensive and more common for businesses to use. Here’s what your company should think about when choosing a VoIP system.

1)     Work out which internet your business needs. Find out how much you use your internet and how much kbps it uses per call.

2)     Test the speed of your internet connection. Use proper systems online to test the speed and see whether it needs improving and are strong enough for introducing a VoIP system as well as your usual business needs.

3)     Pick the right connectivity. There are grants available for smaller businesses across the country to cover connection costs etc.

4)     Find out what network equipment you’ll need. How many laptops, computers, printers, servers and phones you have will all have an impact.

5)     Identify what handsets you’ll need. There are positives and negatives to every VoIP handset. Diamond Solutions can talk you through all of them. In general though the more extra features they have the more expensive they will be.

6)     Use the right hardware supplier. You have the choice of many different VoIP phone manufacturers and again Diamond Solutions can tell you about all of them.

7)     You can port your numbers. A lot of people are nervous about moving their numbers but this is actually really easy to do and can be done outside of your usual business hours.  

8)     Consider running training sessions. You should be able to run your telephone systems through an internet programme. For example you should be able to set up conference call numbers and divert calls to the most suitable place. Invest in training so everyone knows how everything works.

9)     Take advantage of all the features of the VoIP system. A reliable VoIP system can help you grow your business, retain customers and so much more.

10)  Read the information packs on your VoIP system. Make sure you fully understand how it all works before you begin using it.


Diamond Solutions have an excellent choice of VoIP systems to choose from. Call them on 01204 689676 to find out more. 

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