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Accidents involving vehicles are never good. The first concern is your health. But what about your car? If you or a friend has had an accident, there are so many reasons why you should choose Perfect Finish, Bolton.
Crompton Way Motors is a car dealership with integrity, one which believes in quality used cars and getting a good deal for the buyer. These values have endeared them to the RAC, creating a solid partnership between the two businesses.
Car mileage allowance can be confusing territory. Which is why we have Ken Nash from Wilds Chartered Accountants, Bolton, to explain it all for you.
After a long hard Winter (which looks to be continuing with the recent snow that's hit the country), your car may not be in the best shape it has ever been. This could cause a problem, especially when it is MOT time. Whitecroft Garage can help.
Christmas and New Year is a magical time of year. But that doesn't mean things don't and won't go wrong. Hopefully, you'll manage to avoid any major disasters. But, just incase, here is a useful list of numbers that you might need this festive season.
Did you know we have a bus in the town centre that is FREE and takes you from one end of the town centre to the other?
They're known for their bold fundraising attempts and for pushing the boundaries of those supporting them, and Bolton Lads & Girls Club are doing once again with their 'Man Vs. Mountain' campaign, to raise funds which will allow disabled and disadvantaged children to enjoy their facilities.
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