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In this modern world, business practices are changing every minute, evolving with the times. This has lead to an increase in the number of 'Road Warriors', workers away from the office. Comms Consult has a system to keep everything connected.
Finance is a World of confusion to most of us, a minefield where one misstep can create disaster. Whitewell Financial Planning are looking to make their advice clearer and more coherent, with the help of Kiid's (yes, I spelt that correctly). Find out more.
Digicomm BCS are an ever-growing business located in Bolton. They are an excellent company to work for, and they have two positions currently available for anybody looking for an exciting new challenge in a growing industry. Check here for details.
Fieldings Porter is a long-standing legal firm in Bolton. They have an excellent team, and it just got a little better with some exciting news from the company. To find out more, have a read.
BHE Services are continuing to grow, and, as a result, they have a new employee. Simeon Parker will be managing the Green Deal, a Government-proposed initiative. To read more about him, and his new role, read this.
The Duke William is a pub located in the village of Ainsworth, Bolton. Our newest member, there is so much going on there, and it's great to have them on board. From fantastic food to excellent entertainment, the Duke William is the pub to be at.
Digicomm have introduced their new superfast internet access, and it's perfect for your business, whatever sector you are in. To find out more about the service they can provide, including the latest technology - EFM, read this.
Bolton Therapy Centre have an incredible track record of successfully treating patients, and leaving them extremely happy with the service they received. Read what a couple of those patients had to say.
Thrilled students from Bolton College’s skills for independent living department, have received a letter from the Queen. Read more about it here . . .
Stanmore Insurance Brokers, Commercial Insurance Brokers in Little Lever, Bolton have recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary in Business. As well as Commercial Insurance they specialise in Children's Nursery Insurance with their dot2dot policy.
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