To Shower Or To Power Shower - That Is The Question? Barnstaple Plumber Chris Macrae Shares A Few Ideas
9th September 2014
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With heating bills and water bills seemingly always on the rise, Chris has taken a look at the pros and cons of upgrading to a power shower ..........or not!

It used to be that a shower used less water than a bath — not so these days with power showers, enormous shower heads and shower towers with body jets  becoming the norm in many homes.  If you couple this with homes that have 2 bathrooms, the total water consumption on these additional fittings can have a dramatic effect on the cost of taking a shower.

According to an article in a national newspaper a power shower is not always the 'greenest' or cheapest option.  Power showers use twice as much energy as a bath - exposing the myth that showers are always greener, research suggests. 

A study into the habits of British families has found that some showers also use nearly twice as much water as the average bath.  While an average bath uses 80 litres of water, some power showers can use up to 136 litres of water in an eight-minute wash.  That is comparable to 200,000 litres of hot water per year for a four-person family, at a cost of £918 in water and electricity.  The cost of running a normal shower is only £416 a year.

Unilever, which conducted the study of 2,600 shower users in 100 households, says it was the first of its kind to accurately measure water usage.  The findings threaten to debunk the 'eco-myth' that a shower is always the greenest option.

If you are interested in savings costs you should consider a water-saving shower head which come in several forms. Some are aerating, mixing water with air to reduce the amount of water used.  Others reduce the flow rate – hopefully whilst maintaining the power – or include a flow restrictor to the hose.  Some are only suitable for use with mains systems.  Many water-saving shower heads can be fitted to your existing shower, although they are not often recommended for use with electric showers, as these are already offer lower flow rates.

So if you are considering an upgrade to your bathroom its always best to take some advice from a trusted and reliable source.  The Works M&B Ltd operate from Barnstaple for a mix of private and commercial clients across North and Mid Devon.  They are innovative, reliable and ALWAYS want to save their clients money........both for an installation AND for the running costs.

For a no-obligation chat give them a call on 01271 308104.

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