Does your North Devon home need it? Storage & Spring Cleaning Advice from VKColourworks.
14th May 2013
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As we move into the Spring period, it is a great time to de-clutter. Many of our clients own holiday homes in Devon and Cornwall so its especially important that their properties are presented with composure and without clutter!! Here are our top tip to get your home cool, calm and collected.

1) Organisation is key

Begin with with four bags or boxes and label them:- Charity; ebay/Carboot; Bin and Keep. To get rid of 'stuff' you need to know where its going.

2) Where do you start?

The best thing to do is take a section at a time, otherwise the task maybe so daunting you never start at all! Choose a room and work your way round methodically, starting with out of the way places i.e. top shelves, backs of cupboards etc that you don’t see often, chances are you will end up being far more ruthless about what you keep.

3) Be ruthless and honest

Ask yourself, do I really need this? Do I in fact like this? When was the last time I thought about this/used this? – will it look good somewhere else in my home? Can I do something with it to turn it into a piece of artwork etc? Although only hang on to these items if you know you will get around to doing this.

4) Storage

Think of what you have and how you want to store it. Do you want open storage, or are you a hidden minimalist? There are so many creative and amazing storage solutions to get inspiration from.

5) Can you see the Floor? 

By removing things from the floor and using wall hung storage, you can expand  the visual space dramatically.

 6) Jars

Kitchens look far more organised when food items are decanted into similar looking vessels. Reduce the amount of different packaging on show to make it easier on the eye, especially if you have open shelving.

7) Everything needs a place

Even the best styled rooms that seemingly have lots of objects on show have been thoughtfully placed. The key is balance. Balance the colour, texture and the size of items and you’re onto a winner.

De-cluttering and spring cleaning can take a huge amount of will undoubtedly MAKE MORE MESS going through the process and it will seem like you are literally climbing a mountain, but persevere, it’s really worth it....for your sanity AND vanity.

These are just a few ideas to help you on your way..........Vicky and Karley are very approachable for help and inspiration to do with any of the above suggestions. If you have a specific project in mind don't hesitate to give them a call 01271 308093

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