How To Save Water In Your North Devon Home With Advice From The Works M&B Ltd.
13th April 2015
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Everyone realises how much clean water really does cost, but still take it for granted.  There are many ways of saving water and making bills cheaper.  Changing your routine and habits could save you loads.  Everyone loves hot water, but nobody likes an expensive bill, so here’s some saving tips from The Works M&B Ltd:

1. Make sure you check all water using appliances in your home for leaks.  Even if the leak is tiny, make sure it is fixed straight away.  A leak can happen from an over flowing toilet cistern or an over sized showerhead and that could waste lots of water over a year.  That really is money down the drain. 

2.  Flushing the toilet uses the most amount of water which works out expensive for a big family.  Invest in a flush efficient toilet and it could save you a huge amount of water as well as money.

3.  A washing machine is the second largest water waster in most homes.  Buying a new washing machine at 'efficiency A' will save you money on water and electricity too.

4.  Unbelievably, switching from washing-up to a dish washer will save a great amount of water.  This energy saving option uses less water and the dishwasher operates for a shorter period of time.

5.  Install water butts to collect rain from your roof and use this water to clean the car, water the garden, clean the decking and patio - what a money saver!

These are just a few suggestions and changes that you can make around your home and garden to save a most precious resource always ends up going down the drain.

For more advice on water saving ideas around your home contact Chris on 01271 308104.

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