How Cool Is Too Cool For Your North Devon Home?
19th January 2015
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Spring will soon be in the air, but it will be weeks, or longer, before people begin to turn their radiators and heating off.   Average indoor temperatures of British homes are rising now that central heating is the norm, helped by double glazing and insulation being added to older homes.

Using The Department of Energy and Climate Change's new online modelling tool MY 2050, users decided what they want the UK to be like in 39 years' time.  The only downside?  Carbon emissions must drop 80% while keeping the lights on.

Questions being asked include:  How many cars should be electric?  International shipping, grow or shrink?  Average indoor temperatures, should they fall, rise or stay the same?

The average home is heated to 17.5 degrees Celcius, but by dropping it to 16 degrees only saves 7% in carbon emissions.  People are so used to having their homes heated that by lowering the thermostat and putting on warmer clothes, some will still feel 'cold'.

Hopes that insulating more homes, smarter thermostats and the promotion of jumper-wearing by celebrities will encourage more people to follow the trend and start to decrease their thermostat temperatures.  Many people will say that a thermostat set in the low teens may sound too low! 

Expectations of thermal comfort have been raised by central heating at home and at work, and because we are more sedentary.  Those sitting feel the cold faster than someone moving about - known fact!!

The World Health Organization's standard for warmth says 18C (64F) is suitable for healthy people who are appropriately dressed.  For those with respiratory problems or allergies, they recommend a minimum of 16C (60.8C); and for the sick, disabled, very old or very young, a minimum of 20C (68F).

Will smart thermostats help, allowing homeowners to heat only where it's needed at different times in the day?  Technology can do only half the job.  A smart thermostat is only as smart as the person operating it!

For more information on Smart Thermostats and for any information regarding heating your home more efficiently, call The Works M&B on 01271 308104 and talk to the reliable, professional team!

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