Have You Dreamt Of Building Your Own Home? Lodgico Explains the Opportunity to ‘Self Build in Barnstaple’
30th November 2015
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This year, the government passed a law on the ‘Right to Build’ Act.  Now, they are enhancing the detail by expanding further legislation to help you in your quest for a custom build home.  The law received Royal Assent earlier in 2015 and although it is a breakthrough in the housing field, there is still much work to be done, such as developments and regulations.

The plan, in simple terms, is to provide more affordable and sustainable homes that are individual, to as many people as possible, rather than a select few with large wallets!

Your local authority will have choice as to how they deliver the ‘Right to Build’ Act, which will depend on many factors including the local housing market, the level of demand achieved for self-build homes and the state of the economy.

The 11 vanguard 'Right to Build' local authorities are all taking a different approach the act.  The National Custom Self Build Association (NaCSBA) is analysing how each of their policies are being put into place, they will then document it and provide a report as part of a project funded by the Nationwide Foundation.  The result will be a tool-kit for all local planning authorities to use efficiently and make the most of the ‘Right to Build’ act in their area.

Currently, the self build market is around 10,000 units a year.  However, with the new law in place the potential is to double to 20,000 homes, which will be paramount as we are currently experiencing a housing crisis.

This is more likely to come in the form of multi-plot housing sites, with serviced plots offered for sale along with the option to purchase a custom built home.  There will be different options from ‘shell only’ to everything including kitchen design and light fittings.  You can even choose the subcontractors or, if you’re brave and talented enough, do it yourself.

So if you are up for a challenge, want some more information on the ‘Right to Build’ Act or have everything in place and are just searching for the right building contractors for the job, give Lodgico a call on: 01271 308091.

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