5 Ways To Use A Garden Room. Suggestions From Barnstaple Builders, Lodgico
13th April 2015
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Garden rooms are a great way to increase your space at home, increase the value of your home and get closer to nature.  So here are some suggestions on how you could make use of a new room in the garden:

The Garden Office – Do you work from home?  Would you like to?  A garden room could be the option for you. Close enough for all those snack runs or cups of coffee, yet far enough away to not be distracted by all those household chores, doorbells or attention craving children and pets.  With all the advantages of your Wi-Fi, natural light, peace and quiet and a flower filled view why not give this some serious consideration?

Maybe a Summerhouse is right up your street.  There has been a massive rise in popularity over the last few years of the trusty summerhouse.  Do you fancy benefitting from panoramic views from your garden?  With the addition of electrics, double glazing and insulation this well built, multi-purpose garden addition can be enjoyed all year through.

Are you more hands on?  One who oozes all things creative then A Garden studio/workshop could be just what you need.  For those who love to tinker with wood or design their custom surfboard the garden studio is a dead cert. Having a designated space for all your work needs is a must.  Not forgetting a place for all your tools!  From the ground up Lodgico can design the perfect workshop for you ensuring that it’s insulated, uses natural light, has double glazing and meets all health and safety regulations.

Do you just need an extra bedroom?  With property prices reaching an all-time high and space is at an all-time low, have you thought about ingenious ways to capitalise on the outside space around your property?  Maybe a loft conversion isn’t practical with the layout of your home and the idea of waiting for planning permission leaves you cold, then why not try a garden room?  The idea of a log cabin providing much needed extra space for storage, guest rooms or play rooms could be very appealing.

Why not turn your outside space into a gym/fitness centre?  Are you a gym bunny or just like to keep in shape by trying to burn off that doughnut!  Then treat yourself to a purpose built gym in your own garden.  Enhance your outdoor space and your physique with a home gym.  No more membership fees, ultimate privacy and take things at your own pace.

Increasing your home’s value and giving you the opportunity to be closer to nature, these are just a few ways you could capitalise on garden space to add more living accommodation to your home.

Talk to Lodgico and see if this is a feasible option for your property.  They know all about garden rooms and log cabins and can advise on options that might not even need planning consent.  Take all the stress out of a garden build and feel inspired.  For any advice call Lodgico on 01271 308091 or visit their website at: www.lodgico.co.uk.

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