5 More Steps To Holiday Home Bliss From VK Interiors
23rd February 2015
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Just five tips will make a huge difference in how you style your holiday home to attract customers and keep them coming back.  VK Interiors share these and have countless more ideas:

1. Seeing Double

Styling items in pairs is a great way to get a true interior design look.  A pair of lamps either side of the sofa, a pair of large glass vases on the dining table or either side of the mantelpiece or a pair of prints above the bed. Creating these sorts of symmetries helps make a room look 'put together'.

2. Lighting

You may have picked the most beautiful color palette for your room, but if you can’t see it you’ve wasted time, money and effort.  Be aware that when choosing colors for your room, they’re going to look darker or lighter depending on the lighting level.  A gorgeous deep red in the bedroom can end up looking black!  Think about lighting the focal points of the room and surfaces that will look dark in low lighting.  This will mean that during the winter, when it’s naturally darker, or at night, your room still carries the character you designed into it and doesn’t feel cold or depressing.  Use lighting at different levels in the room-combine uplighters, table lamps and standard lamps for warmth and atmosphere. As you are welcoming guests into your home, ensure you think of each room and it’s purpose with regards to the group who will be using it. Add lighting for each purpose; a lower light over the dining table for entertaining, a reading lamp on either side of the bed, an adjustable standard lamp with a small reading light next to the sofa are just a few examples.

3. Window Dressing  

Windows make such a big difference to the room and the way you dress them can affect the natural light in the room and therefore your colour scheme.  If you were to do a partial redecoration of your holiday home, we would always suggest changing sofas and the curtains for a big effect.  It’s so important!  A really well dressed window can make a room! 

4. Add Essentials

Towelling and bedding should be high quality and white.  Always use white linens and towels.  They’re bleachable and they send a message of cleanliness, refinement and order.  Supply plenty for your guests and  have a second full set to ensure changeovers run smoothly and efficiently.  If you don’t have the budget to overhaul the kitchen, change the doors and handles and the kitchen surfaces.  Add a series of excellent equipment plus sharp knives.  Leave it well stocked with crockery, glasses, cutlery and stick to white.  It looks fabulous, can be changed up with coloured table accessories and napkins and can easily be replaced.  

5 Listen to Feedback

Your holiday home doesn’t have to be fixed and finite after you’ve decorated.  You can change colours for the season to shake things up and make your accessories last longer.  If guests feedback that something is missing, add it in.  If they compliment you on something that works, take note and think about working it into other rooms of the house if appropriate.  Remember not to take it personally, use feedback to your advantage and to make your holiday home even more beautiful and useable for both guests and for yourselves.  Above all-enjoy it!

Lots here that you didn’t know or weren't expecting?  Then give Karley or Vicky a call to talk through your holiday home refurbishment project 01271 308093.

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