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Over the last decade businesses have become increasing reliant on computers, many businesses can now not function without the help of their PC’s. As more and more businesses move towards being technology driven, companies now store important data, logins and private documents on their machines. Just like anything people have targeted this, and we are now in the era of data hacking and ransomware. It is therefore vital that every business now invests in computer security.
This week it was revealed that Apple’s headphones have just got a lot smarter. Apple has officially launched the newest version of its ‘AirPods’ (Apple’s wireless earphones) and the upgrade now comes with the well know virtual assistant Siri.
The World Wide Web turned 30 years old recently, hooray! If the World Wide Web were a person, they would probably not want a fuss when it came to their birthday, but luckily for us, the World Wide Web is not in fact a person, but quite arguably one of the most important technological advances our world has ever seen.
Women in the world of Technology – making their mark The world of work has changed dramatically in the past few decades. Women no longer stay at home and look after the children and men are no longer the main provider for families.
You may think it’s important to tidy up your physical work space, but your computer can become just as cluttered.
Part time Telemarketing Executive needed! Great, flexible opportunity.
If you own a computer (let’s face it who doesn’t?) then one thing you worry about is computer viruses.
It’s interesting to think about how much a generation has been around technology, current teens have never lived without mobile phones or social media whereas middle-aged people have had to adapt to the introduction of email and text. This has made me think, does each generation interact with technology differently?
Farnham IT professionals, Net Technical Solutions, explain the issues that businesses will face in 2020 and how to deal with them.
Everyday technological advances take place, in a world that is constantly evolving - inventors are trying to find solutions to traditional problems. A small Ukrainian business has claimed to have created ‘the world’s first indestructible notepad.
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