Is it time to audit your office computer systems? @ApplewoodIT give some advice.
2nd January 2019
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It’s officially January which means for many of us the Christmas holidays have come to an end and we are getting back into the daily routine of work. January is the perfect time for a fresh start, fresh work space and it should mean that it is time to check your office computer systems. It is always useful to get an audit of your office computers as we use them for a much longer period of time than we would a personal computer, this means issues tend to crop up a lot quicker.


Computer audits are extremely important to undertake as they help you to identify important issues. Staff need to be as productive as possible and working with outdated and slow computers can cause problems. Computer audits are also extremely important as it will detect any security threats. This is why I always recommend you undertake an audit every 6 months and if this is not possible I would say a yearly audit is crucial.

One main reason you should always get an audit of your office computers is because things change very quickly. Software and technology is advancing at an alarming rate and your systems need to stay up to date with this. It is more than likely your business will also continue to grow which means you will need to keep introducing new software and you may even need to open up entire new locations and for this your systems need to be in the best shape possible. If you don’t update you are leaving your computers at high risk and they will become a bigger target to computer hackers.

Now I’m sure as a business owner you are dreading the word audit as you feel it could also cost you a lot of money. But it is extremely important that you resolve the issues you have with your systems before you need an entirely new computer. Resolving issues now will save you money in the long run and by having regular audits you should see less and less problems arising.

If your business also handles sensitive data (such as customer information) it is extremely important that your internet security is up to date. You need to be known as a reputable company and customers want to know there information is safe. If you lose this information due to a data breach you could lose a lot of custom.

Is it time to audit your office computers? Talk to Applewood IT, I am offering a FREE audit throughout January so contact me now on 0203 141 8833 to arrange a date.

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